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Once a Month:

Sunday Song Cafe

A community coming together to sing.

Singing for it's own sake

Singing is for everyone. In this group we embrace imperfection and practice non- judgement, of ourselves and others. We are not looking to perform or display anything, but just to simply have fun and bask in the joy of singing together and building community.

“We are all born with a voice. When it is heard, it says something vital about the deepest layers of our identity, our commitment and aspirations.”


The space is open half an hour before the start time for people to arrive, settle, make themselves a drink and chat, followed by 1 hour of singing. Hall opens at 10am Singing starts at 10:30 am


Sliding Scale price options:

Supporting: £10
This tier is for you if you have access to financial security on your own or through your family, own property, have personal savings, comfortably meet your basic needs through your employment or can comfortably not work, and can partake in activities like leisure plane travel, multiple wellness classes, or purchase many wants throughout the year.


Basic: £8
This rate is for those who do not find themselves reflected in either of the other tier descriptions and who are not in a place to pay the supporting price for the offering.

Supporting: £5

Supported tuition is for those for whom it is a struggle to maintain access to basic needs such as housing, food, healthcare, child care, or are financially debilitated by debt. If budgeting for our offerings means cutting into funds for housing, food, this is the level for you. This level is also for those who have experienced generational and systemic disadvantage in accessing resources.

Children under 5 free

Children over 5: £3

What do we sing?

This group will explore songs from around the British isles and the world, striving to practice cultural appreciation and curiosity with as much respect as resources allow. I seek to curate songs which reflect the seasons, or provide a medicine or joyful tonic in hard times, or that celebrate life.

I am not an ethnomusicologist or anthropologist; I hope our collective journey through music allows us to journey through a global community, across the ages and over land and oceans.


I hope it provokes further curiosity and study into our own culture and the history and cultures and peoples from whose lives poured so much wonderful music, wisdom, humour and humanity.  


What happens?

Doors open half an hour before singing starts - time for a chat, a hot drink & croissant . We will sing  for half an hour or so, have a wee drink, and continue singing for another half hour / 40 mins.

Children are welcome and some toys will be available.

You are very welcome with or without children.

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