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Pelvic Floor

1.  Movement! Think of the effect of immobility on the continence of sedentary elders.

2.  Vibration – whole body vibration also involves Pelvic Floor muscles too!

3.  Instability – the whole core is activated included TVA which is a synergist of PF.

4.  Adduction – due muscular & fascial links between adductors of the Femur and PF.

5.  Abduction – due muscular & fascial links between the deep lateral rotators of the Femur and the PF.

6.  Multi-Planar Movement –a combination of stimulation of adductors and the stretch reflex occurring in the PF muscles.

7.  Flexion & Extension

8.  Working against gravity, especially with speed and power.

9.  TVA Activation & Diaphragmatic Breathing – TVA, Diaphragm and PF muscles are synergists.

10.  Integrated Co-Activation of PF through activation of the Muscular
Sling and fascial systems ie., full body integrated/compound movements.

Pelvic Floor
‘Turn On’s’ / 

Pelvic Floor ‘Turn Offs’ / Weakeners

1.  Immobility, sedentary lifestyle

2.  Combative sports or those that involve body blows (consider a parallel bar gymnast).

3.  Anterior tilted pelvis (the usual pelvic position of the Pre & Post Natal client).

4.  Over-active Piriformis – seen by some as part of the Posterior PF.

5.  Pregnancy (stretching of the PF muscles by the weight of a growing baby).

6.  Vaginal birthing especially when assisted – produces varying degrees of soft tissue trauma that can have a direct impact on the function and connection to the PF muscles post birth.

7.  C-Section –crucial synergistic core ligaments, nerves, skin, blood vessels and fascia are severed and take many months to repair/ reconnect

8.  Cognitive impairment

9.  Persistent coughing without mindful control of the increased intra-abdominal pressure.

10.  Obesity - causes chronic increase intra-abdominal pressure.

11.  Menopause – causes a fall in Oestrogen production which affects connective tissue formation and strength.

12.  Ageing – an ongoing decrease in Collagen and Elastin formation affects connective tissue tension and less resistance to gravity

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