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Practicing Yoga with Babies

Post Natal Yoga

Slow gentle movements sourced from yoga, functional fitness and pilates to support the post natal body.

Reclaim and rebuild from the inside out providing a strong and long lasting foundation for health.


An opportunity to rebuild the centre, giving a strong foundation for health, especially pelvic floor health and strength and so freedom for the outer body. 

Dates and Details
Post Natal About
Postnatal Yoga not currently running. If you'd like to join the wait list, please leave your details below:

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Early Bird                 £45 for 6 Classes      (3 places)
General admission  £55 for 6 Classes      (7 places)
This focused class aims to restore function and freedom in the body 

with gentle and appropriate movements drawn from yoga, functional fitness, pilates and dance. Yoga promotes stamina, strength and body awareness, and tones and strengthens the deep abdominal and pelvic floor muscles to repair the body after birth, which can be important in the prevention of numerous associated health complications.

We look in detail at expanding and rediscovering the breath, (which has been reduced in the late stages of pregnancy), retraining core engagement and relief from shoulder and back stiffness that often arrives with breastfeeding and carrying babies.

Yoga and movement can promote emotional healing after a difficult pregnancy or birth. It can aid relaxation and deep rest and for some, reduce anxiety and depression.


  • So much more than kegals: Modern Strategies  for rebuilding your core and pelvic floor
  • Functional Movement Strategies
  • Core Synergy retraining
  • Counter effects of pregnancy and baby carrying
I often find Mums form a supportive community in which they can find like minded women to share and laugh with. This community is about acceptance, inclusion and shared experiences, about support and honesty. It is as much about our collective and individual struggles as it is about our quests to accept and overcome them, and in meaningful ways - about the love we have for our babies, for each other, and the love we can show to ourselves.
Now more than ever is a time to reach out and lovingly connect with others, but also reach in and lovingly connect with ourselves.
Babies Welcome
Babies are welcome but not essential. The focus is on your wellbeing. For some Mums that means bringing baby, but if possible it means having some time to dedicate to yourself.



Totally beautiful, holistic and gentle nurturing from sensitive, whole-sensory awakening.


 Ruth was very good articulating exactly which muscles were impacted, helping me recognise ways not to strain them more. She developed a program of exercises, which she practiced with us in class and also wrote down and lent us supporting equipment so we could do it at home. Her seriousness and determination motivated me to do the exercises at home daily (never thought I'd find the time with a baby, but managed to make it a fun game!).​...6 months later my diastatsis is close to being back to normal, and above all I have a much stronger core than ever before.


Mama and baby yoga with Ruth has being an amazing support in the last 6 months since having my first baby. Ruth is a true expert with a full history of dancing, teaching and knowing how the body works which she applies to the sessions, every class I feel like I learn something new!
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